Fashion and Design - Specialist Program

Fashion and Design was established to develop creativity in young men and women. The course provides general vocational skills related to specific employment in the fashion and design industry, but which are adaptable to many creative pathways.

The course has a strong basis in the concept of problem solving and the technology and design processes. It provides enterprise, opportunities in keeping with current educational trends.

Students who enrol in the Fashion and Design program will gain a strong general education, as well as the opportunity to extend themselves in their area of talent and interest. The course does not train students for a specific job but rather provides transferable knowledge and skills for young people who may wish to pursue a career in the fashion or related industries.

Whilst the course is vocationally useful, it is also enriching in the sense of personal development, both aesthetic and practical, through its provision of life skills. The development of imagination, creativity, a commitment to quality, adaptability and flexibility, are encouraged in students. In turn, these skills enhance self-confidence, initiative and maturity and provide realistic expectations of vocational requirements.

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Fashion and Design
Fashion and Design
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