CoRE - Centre of Resources Excellence - A Select Entry Program

Why CoRE? The Centre of Resources Excellence......

Since 2005, the foundation and vision of CoRE has been developed and evolved. It has been a journey which is based on a simple idea; an idea that education, industry and government need to connect and work collaboratively to provide relevant and purposeful education pathways to serve meaningful career pathways for our burgeoning resources industry.
CoRE is about meaningful career awareness.

CoRE is about developing, nurturing and promoting home-grown talent to facilitate the employment needs of our resources sector.

CoRE is in tune with industry. Extensive networking both formal and informal, professional development and professional association participation has provided time appropriate information and processes which have supported the contemporary development of CoRE.

CoRE students are exposed to the latest in technological developments which occur in the resources industry and are wholly engrossed within the workings of industry here in WA. CoRE is about bringing industry and the real world into the classroom, but most importantly taking its students out into the real world and networking and collaborating with industry personnel at the coal face.

Prospective students can submit an expression of interest in the CoRE program at Kent Street Senior High School here...

CoRE is about #therealclassroom, its learning model ensures that students engages in realistic and contextual set problems and situations.

CoRE has students working in collaboration to problem solve, be creative in developing and engineering solutions, thinking ‘outside of the box’, learning to think complexly, making sense of data, evaluate and interpret data creating a diverse array of possibilities but most importantly students learn to be young scientists. Science is doing and through doing the inquiry and investigative process foundation to problem solving is confidently developed. Ultimately, learning is fun.

CoRE is about identifying a real world problem, using technology to research and manipulate data, engineering an array of potential solutions, applying mathematical situations to understand the science which underpins the situation and the science of the world around the problem and then use the arts to present their findings.

CoRE is an exemplar of on going, organic and evolving lifelong learning strategies, it is an exemplar of the true essence, true meaning of STEM Learning. This learning model is an integration of transdisciplinarian skills and knowledge sectors, it desiloes traditional education processes to demonstrate to its students industry practices and learning techniques.

CoRE, is unique because it is about student learning and not on teaching. Most importantly CoRE focuses on both the individual and group development of student 21st Century enterprising skills. A students, and therefore the teams confidence and work ethic is critical to achievement and success and ultimately this is the driver of personal development and growth which supports the notion of lifelong learning commensurate with confidence to challenge new boundaries thereby producing revolutionary, unique and contemporary solutions and ideas.

CoRE is based on the SWANS philosophy - STEM Learning, Women in Leadership, Aboriginal Science, Networking and Sustainability; Sustainability of a contemporary education system which supports a modern workforce for the development of national economic success. CoRE has anecdotal and longitudinal data which demonstrates that the learning system works. It has a strong alumni who have given back to our current students through many different formats and associations.

Below are CoRE’s 2005 (KEESA’s Mission statement(s), which still hold true today albeit slightly modified.

  1. To promote career pathways for WA youth to service the resource industry, showcasing the
    application of their learning for future science/engineering pathways.
  2. To engage students in geoscience literacy to achieve a better understanding of the world
    around them, the reduces the Earth proves to sustain their lifestyle.
  3. To make student learning meaningful and relevant and to provide them with purposeful learning
    which will serve their confidence and private diversity of ideas to enhance their future leaning
  4. To support person the develop of sustainable #geoscienceliteracy programs to progress the
    development of future industry employment needs.

The CoRE Expansion Model (CoREEM)

CoREEM will also be based on CoRE philosophy however, some modifications may include:

  1. include primary school engagement
  2. customise the program to be respectful of the school, its community and its
  3. close collaboration with relevant educators, its executive and key industry
    players, to formulate a unique program which supports real - world STEM learning
    for its student.
  4. Engagement of the overarching entity for continued development and marketing
    of the education model.