Cricket Testing 2019

Open to all Boys and Girls entering Year 7 High School at Kent Street High School in 2020.

The skills, academic and fitness testing for the specialist cricket schools will be held on Wednesday 10 April 2019 at the WACA, Hale Street, Perth beginning at 9.45am. The testing will run until the afternoon, up to 3pm.


Download an application form here

(Note* the application cut off date has closed but you can still apply with a completed form on the testing day)

Contact: David Aldridge 0436 634 412, Kent Street Senior High School, Email:

Cricket 2020 Application

SCHEDULE FOR THE DAY (Wed 10 April - WACA ground)

9.45am Assemble at the Boundary Room, WACA
10.20am Skills Test
11.30am Fitness Testing
1.00pm Parents to meet parent committee representative

What to Bring

  • Copy of latest NAPLAN results.
  • Water container with water.
  • Cricket gear (bat, pads, gloves etc – there will be some equipment available for use from the WACA).
  • Running shorts and towel for fitness testing.
  • Session times may vary slightly depending on the number of students that apply.

Parents are welcome to stay at the ground throughout the afternoon. It is essential that you attend the closing session where aspects of student/parent commitment and requirements to be a part of the Cricket Program will be outlined.

Cricket as a full time subject in High School in 2020. Enter at Year 7

Kent Street Senior High School offers upper School University and TAFE bound courses to meet student needs. This includes the Physical Education Studies Course of Study and Certificate II in Sport and Recreation.
Don’t hesitate to contact the school if you have any further queries about the testing day. We look forward to meeting you.

David Aldridge 0436 634 412

Kent Street Senior High School


About the Kent Street Senior High School Cricket Program

Kent Street Cricket – An Approved Specialist Program Students from years 7 to 10 with a passion for Cricket are invited to apply to Kent Street. Boasting our own turf wicket, students who enrol in the Kent Street Cricket Program will gain not only cricket specific skills, but also life skills such as confidence building, goal setting, teamwork and leadership. Students have the opportunity to pursue Cricket in upper school through the university bound Physical Education Studies or the nationally recognised Certificate II in Sport and Recreation whilst at Kent Street.

Read more about the Cricket Specialist Program at Kent Street Senior High School here