Bring Your Own Device

 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program


The teaching and learning program at Kent Street Senior High School aims to integrate learning technologies into the curriculum to support student’s in their capacity as thinking, creative and resourceful learners in an increasingly digital world.


To encourage each student to take greater responsibility for their own learning they will embarked on the use of SEQTA, a learning management platform that allows students access to academic and other relevant educational information.


For students to have ready access to information and learning tools the school implemented the BYOD program in 2015, which will continue into 2017 and beyond.


To assist parents in navigating the minefield of personal devices, the school has developed some BYOD options outlined below.


Recommended Options:  


•   The school strongly recommends the purchase of a tough case to protect your child’s BYOD device.

•   You may also like to consider taking out insurance cover in case your child’s BYOD device is stolen or accidentally damaged.

•   A minimum screen size of 9.7 inches is recommended.


Mandatory Requirements:


•   The Operating System of the device must be either:


  Apple (any version) or Windows 8 and above.


•   The BYOD device must have word processing software such as: 


·    Microsoft: Word, Excel and PowerPoint 


·    or Apple: Pages, Numbers and Keynote 


·    plus Microsoft OneNote  (optional)


Students can download a free copy of Microsoft Office 365 from the Department of Education portal.


Students need to login using their current school login credentials.

 (Year 7’s and new students to Kent Street will need to wait until the start of the 2017 school year). 


Note: Students will need to download Office 365 at home through the portal. There are troubleshooting tips on the portal to help you through the downloading process.


Parents can find a JB Hi-Fi purchasing link on the school web site open late 2016 and remain open into 2017. This allows parents to purchase at a time convenient to them. The access code is KSSHS2017


 Note: Devices can be purchased from any supplier. JB Hi-Fi is one such supplier.


BYOD Requirements